At 40 Vince Carter Proves He Still Has It

The day before his 40th birthday, Vince Carter is in his third season for the Memphis Grizzlies and they are taking on second place in the Eastern Conference Toronto Raptors. The “half-man, half-amazing” Grizzlies swingman who spends most of his time under the rim found a way to rise above it once again in his 19th season of the NBA.  He evaded Terrence Ross by spinning away from him then jumped towards the rim and did a 360 in order to get away from Lucas Nogueira. He finished the play off with a layup.  The best part of the play was the crowds reaction to all of it (it was like something out of an And1 mixtape).  His stats have been below average but he is still a worthy opponent on the court.

2016-2017 Stats

Games Played 40
Minutes Per Game 23.9
Points Per Game 8.2
Rebounds Per Game 3.3
Assists Per Game 1.7
Turnovers Per Game .6
Field Goal % 39.4%
3PT Field Goal % 34.9%
Steals Per Game .8
Blocks Per Game .5
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