In what would go down as one of the biggest surprises thus far in the NBA Playoffs the Milwaukee Bucks who came into the playoffs as the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference (a conference which is regarded as weak) have stolen game 1 from the 3rd seeded Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors shot just 22% from three point land hitting just 5 out of 23 shots.  Kyle Lowry who is known for his ability to make big shots made basically no shots the entire game.  He went 0-6 from three, 2-11 overall.  A total of 4 points is no where near enough to take on any NBA team much less in the playoffs.  He will need to get it together as they battle it out over the next few games.  Demar Derozan did his job and had 27 points of 21 shots hitting 13 of 14 free throws.  The Raptors would lose the first game of the series 97-83.

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