The unthinkable continues to take place in that the Bulls seem to keep on winning.  The Celtics have not only lost home court advantage at this point but will need to take two out of the three games in Chicago in order to win the series.  I would say that it’s unlikely but I have just witnessed Chicago do that very thing.  Dwayne Wade looked to be in mid-season form in Game 2 with 22 points shooting 75% from three point land.  Celtics starters were able to just shoot 42% from the field which isn’t too rough except for the fact that Bulls starts shot nearly 50% off 19 more shots.  Jimmy Butler also helped out with 22 points but didn’t shoot nearly as well as Wade.  The Chicago Bulls end up taking Game 2 and going up 2-0 in the series with a score of 111-97.

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