The Celtics are finally getting on a roll finding their groove.  I want chalk up the first games to Isaiah Thomas losing his sister just hours before Game 1.  Even though he ended up playing he just hasn’t looked the same since it happened.  He finally came out of his shell in Game 3 and with the support of his teammates he was able to play team ball and secure a pretty big must win type of game.  The Celtics were able to hold the Bulls to just 39% shooting from the field and 29% from three point land. Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade combined for just 13-39 (33%) which really hurt the Bulls in this one.  If they had better nights they might have been able to keep up with the Celtics but even then it really seemed like there was someone looking out for the Celtics last night. They end up taking this 104-87.  If the Celtics continue to play like this it would be hard to think that the Bulls could get another game in this series.  The Bulls still lead the series 2-1 and have home court advantage.

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