It seems all but over for the Chicago Bulls at this point.  At this point all the away teams had won games in the series and you almost felt like it could happen once again.  It just wasn’t meant to be last night.  It doesn’t help that Jimmy Butler scored just 14 points of 15 shots.  It seems to me that if the Bulls are to have a chance in this series that Wade and Butler need to have great nights at the same time.  There is no room for mistakes at this point.  Dwayne Wade rebounded from his poor performance in Game 4 with a 26 point outing off 18 shots.  He was able to match that with 11 rebounds and 8 assists.  Meanwhile Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas, and Al Horford all had big nights for the Celtics and led to the victory with a score of 108-97.  

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