The Warriors have managed to stay perfect through two straight series in the playoffs.  This is nothing too special as there have been several teams do this in the past. This is starting to feel like the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers run in which they rattled off 12 straight wins only to lose their first game in the finals. The Jazz managed just 37% from the field while the Warriors shot over 50% which was the main difference in the game. Gordon Hayward managed to put  up 25 points off 21 shots which is a pretty poor game by his standards.  Shelvin Mack had the best game with 18 points off of 11 shots shooting 50% from three.  Outside of the start of the game, the Jazz really only made it a competition for about a minute in a half.  After that the Warriors took over.  By the end of the first quarter the score was 39-17 with the final score being 121-95.

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