Game 4 was really a battle between two stars.  Jimmy Butler vs. Isaiah Thomas.  Both ended up with 33 points and led their team in scoring.  The Celtics led almost the entire game going up big in the first half and being up nine points by halftime.  With four minutes left in the third quarter the Bulls had actually pulled it close and taken the lead 65-63.  They would never see the lead again.  The Celtics would finish the game on a 41-30 run.  You could tell in the second half that the Bulls knew they needed this game in order to stay in control of the series but it really was just not enough to hold Thomas back from taking what was his.  The little guy sure can play a good game when he puts his mind to it.  Dwayne Wade showed up pretty small scoring just 11 points off 12 shots in 38 minutes of playing time.  That will not be acceptable against the Celtics.  His age is really starting to show.  The Celtics end up winning this one 104-95.

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