This game was not even close from pretty much the beginning.  It looked like a Warriors/Jazz game for the most part.  The Spurs closed the game to 4 points by half time but once the second half started the Rockets just took over eventually running over the Spurs with a 125-104 victory.  The issue for the Spurs during this game was the lack of three point shooters available compared to the Rockets.  The Spurs shot just 30% from three which would normally not be a killer but they shot over 20 three pointers in the game which pretty much put the nail in their coffin.  Now it’s not surprising that they had to do this because the Rockets were hitting them from everywhere.  The Rockets made 19 three pointers taking a page from the Warrior’s playbook and using analytics to win this game.  Eric Gordon shot 67% from three point land and so did Trevor Ariza while on the flip side the San Antonio Spurs had four players who shot 0.0% from three.

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