John Ross Breaks NFL Combine 40 Yard Dash Record

The record everyone thought would never be broken has already been broken. Β Everyone was so confident that Chris Johnson’s 4.24 second 40 yard dash record would never be broken that Adidas even offered to give someone an island if they did it while wearing their brand of shoe. Que University of Washington Wide Receiver John Ross…He ran so fast that he actually injured himself. Twitter was in an uproar when he beat the record running a 4.22 second 40 yard dash.

Here is a video of Chris Johnson’s famous 40 Yard Dash at the 2008 NFL Combine:

This was a pretty amazing feat in itself but he won’t be getting the island because he was wearing a pair of Nike’s. Nike took to twitter blasting Adidas:

I just want to know what the maintenance, taxes, and development costs would be if he were to have actually gotten the island. While he ran an insane 40 I am still not sure he will even be going in the first round of the NFL Draft. I am not sure what his signing bonus will be, but I am pretty sure that joining the Nike team will net him more at this point than his first contract. The biggest winner this past weekend was definitely Nike.

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