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Leonard Downs Cavaliers With 41 Points

Kawhi Leonard just scored a career high 41 points against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He scored more than a third of his teams points in the 118-115 overtime victory over the top team in the Eastern Conference.  What makes this so important in my eyes is that the Cavs had all of their main starters playing heavy minutes.  Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and Lebron James all put in more than 35 minutes.  Lebron played nearly every minute playing 45 total minutes in the game.  It was the Cavaliers bench that would eventually prove to be their weakest link as they got out scored, out rebounded, out assisted, out everything that has to do with basketball.  You combine that with the 41 points that Kawhi Leonard dropped on them and you get a win in the game.  The reason it remained a close game was due to the amount of talent that is on Cleveland’s roster. Kawhi Leonard is closing in on that MVP trophy because he is in the drivers seat on a team that is just three games out of first place in the NBA.  Both Golden State and San Antonio are at least 3 games ahead of the top team in the Eastern Conference Cleveland Cavaliers. It has yet to be seen who will end up winning the MVP race but you can bet that voters will remember this game as two of the top teams battled it out to overtime where Kawhi Leonard sealed the game in the end with a steal and dunk.

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