Well would you look at that, the Grizzlies found some gumption in the series.  Mike Conley had 24 points matching his series high in points. After a disappointing 12 points in Game 2, Marc Gasol woke up and scored 21 points last night.  Between he and Zach Randolph, they were able to control the size on the court and dominate the defensive boards.

This was a tale of two halves. The first half was extremely competitive with there being several lead changes and lots of back and forth.  The second half was completely different.  The Grizzlies were able to make the right adjustments and immediately took control of the game after the Spurs took nearly three minutes to get their first points on the board.  If this continues to happen throughout the series the Grizzlies will punish the Spurs consistently for this.  We all know that’s not going to happen though.

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