Middle Tennessee State “Upsets” Minnesota

So it seems like every season there is a 12 seed upsetting a 5 seed.  When picking my bracket this season, I chose to pick against the Big Ten in most cases.  The Big Ten is weak this season and I really felt like Middle Tennessee State was on a roll coming into the game on a 10 game win streak.  Sure, their competition was nothing compared to what Minnesota saw this season but it’s not like Minnesota has a strong history in the NCAA tournament having only made one Final Four in it’s school history.  We all remember last season when Middle Tennessee upset the two seeded Michigan State by 9 points so it’s not like they are scrubs.  They came into this game feeling confident and it showed throughout the entire game.  They ended up finishing the game in the same fashion beating Minnesota by 9 points when the final buzzer rang out.

Teams First Half Second Half Totals
Middle Tennessee State 37 44 81
Minnesota 31 41 72

This game was honestly over by halftime with no answers to be found for the rebounding machine that are Upshaw, Williams, and Walters.  Minnesota got out rebounded 37 to 24 and Middle Tennessee had one more three pointer despite shooting eight less times.  Those we the two stark differences in the teams today.  Middle Tennessee State looks primed to give the 4 seeded Butler Bulldogs a great game come Saturday.

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