North Carolina Drops First Game To Michigan Squad

The “Fab Five” might be nearly 3 decades in the past but this years Michigan Wolverine is not one to be trifled with. The Michigan basketball team was going into their 2 game gauntlet against North Carolina and Gonzaga ranked 33rd in the nation. After those two games they look to be in the top 15 to say the least. It could be one of the biggest moves in Top 25 history. All this tells me at this point is that Michigan is one of the most underrated teams in the nation this season.

Michigan took the lead 28-26 in the first half and really never looked back at that point. With a little over 11 minutes left in the game Michigan was up 60-36. Freshman Cole Anthony for North Carolina who started the first few games of the season on a nuclear scale, had a pretty average Bad Boy Mowers Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament. This was his best game of the tournament but it still wasn’t enough. The official rankings still have not out but it’s safe to say that after beating North Carolina by 9 (73-64) and crushing Gonzaga (82-64) it will be interesting to see where in the grand scheme of things that Michigan ends up.

I would like it to be known that North Carolina did go on to beat #11 Oregon just a couple of days later. This should keep them fairly high in the rankings. The next week will let us know exactly where they stand in the NCAA Rankings as they have Ohio State at home and then play at Virginia a few days later. They follow that up with a trip to Washington where they will be playing Gonzaga. Come mid-December we will know exactly where there are at.

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