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Spurs Fans Found Marking Themselves Safe After Game 1

In the most anticipated series of the second round, the Spurs fell to the Rockets 126-99. In his postgame interview, Gregg Popovich says he isn’t worried about any “carry-over” into the next game (but then again what is he supposed to say) and it really makes you wonder whether or not the Spurs are able to handle the high powered offense of the Rockets.

On a night where you shoot as poorly as the Spurs did, you can’t expect to win. In the grand scheme of things, the Rockets took just 3 more shots and 9 less free throws. Spurs fans were turning off the TV by half time with no end in sight to the onslaught that was this game. If the Rockets had score more than 8 points in the final 6 in a half minutes of the game, the results could have been even uglier than they were. With 6:18 left in the game the Rockets were up 39 points but the Spurs closed out well. The biggest question in my mind is whether or not this was just a fluke of a night or whether the Spurs are going to be able to handle the Rockets over the course of the next 6 games (if they are even needed) especially considering the Rockets just took home court advantage away from the Spurs.

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