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Super Bowl LIII Prediction

The Patriots will be once again gracing us with their presence in the Super Bowl this year. Tom Brady continues to defy the odds by making yet another Super Bowl after the age of 40 breaking his own record and becoming the first Quarterback to not only start in one Super Bowl but two after the age of 40 years old. I am sure some of you are arguing with me behind your screen right now saying…”but dude, the rules have changed dramatically in the past 10 years in favor of not only the offense but especially the Quarterback position.” You aren’t wrong of course because QB’s are far less likely to suffer career ending hits these days than they were 20 years ago…but it still happens. Just look at Tony Romo (Back, Collar Bone, etc), Aaron Rodgers (Collar Bone), Andrew Luck (Labrum), Deshaun Watson (ACL) and others who have suffered major injuries in the past few seasons. The difference is that Brady can get the ball out quickly. Very quickly. His offensive line is just good enough to keep him safe and when you match that with the fact that I don’t really think there are many players in the NFL that want to be known as the guy who ended Brady’s career and you get a guy who can stay upright for a while.

That Los Angeles Rams are essentially the next generation Patriots organization. You have a young Head Coach in Sean McVay who is already widely considered a guru when it comes to running an offense and clearly a team. He took what looked like a bust in Jared Goff and turned him into the “Next Tom Brady.” We have been hearing that a lot these days from several analysts and players.

Jared Goff stats comparison under Jeff Fisher and Sean McVay

Some would like you to think that the Rams are going to be involved in the changing of the guard by taking this Super Bowl away from the Patriots and Bill Belichik but I think we all know better than that at this point. As long as Tom Brady is still standing, I will never bet against him.

I have the Patriots winning this one 30-27


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