The hero of the game came from an unlikely source off the bench in Joe Johnson.  He scored 28 points in the win against the Clippers.  He has really stepped his game up in the playoffs scoring the winning shot in the first game of the series and scored 11 straight points at one point in this game for the Jazz.  Gordon Hayward ended up having to leave the game after playing just 10 minutes because he had food poisoning.  I always find it interesting when things like that happen to star players in the playoffs…was he poisoned (I doubt it having been playing at home, but you really never know).  Joe Ingles had a big night with 11 assists which were not just a playoff high, but a career high. He also hit some big shots down the stretch.  We have seen Rodney Hood make big shots in games before and it wasn’t any different on this night as the Jazz take down the Clippers 105-98.

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