Chef Curry Follows Up 50pt Outing With a 40 Point Game.

Stephen Curry normally turns it up a notch when facing opponents that have rising stars. This was very evident during the Warriors game versus the Atlanta Hawks earlier this week. During that game he scored 50 points and had 10 rebounds and becomes just the third Warriors player to score at least 50 points and have at least 10 rebounds in a single game. This also happened to be a season high for Curry as he was unable to get to 50 so far this year. That game got the Golden State Warriors to 10-1 leading the entire league in both record, most points per game, and largest point differential between team and opponents. Check out the highlights of this game below:

We all know that the Warriors are my favorite NBA team and Stephen Curry is my favorite player. Even knowing all of that I am still very surprised as to how successful the Warriors have been so far this season. The biggest reason for this? Stephen Curry of course. They are 11-1 right now and sitting in first place of the entire NBA and 2.5 games ahead of 2nd place in their conference. All of this while Klay Thompson is still yet to return to the court. Warriors are currently trending in the right direction:

116.2 Points Per Game (1st in League)
29.4 Assists Per Game (1st in League)
48.2 Rebounds Per Game (2nd in League)
36.7% Three Point Percentage (4th in League)

The real question becomes did this happen to quickly? This is a question I have seen popping around the internet lately and personally I think they are doing it right in time. I think the next two seasons are going to be the best opportunities to win a championship. It’s hard to say whether or not Lebron’s absence is affecting the Lakers squad that just doesn’t look right at all lately. If this is a reason then it will be interesting to see how the season ends once Klay Thompson returns to the court and the Splash Brothers are reunited! Regardless the Warriors are playing well and I am going to enjoy every second I get to watch Chef Curry do his thing because these types of moments don’t come around too often.

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