Terrelle Pryor Signs One-Year $8 Million Deal With Redskins

Earlier today we found out that Terrelle Pryor was meeting with the Washington Redskins and Adam Schefter is reporting they have found a contract that works for both parties. Pryor had reportedly left the facility without a deal but it’s now being reported that he has one. He came out of his shell last season and found his stride with the Cleveland Browns having over 1000 yards receiving averaging over 13 yards per catch.  The Ohio State Quarterback, oh wait, Wide Receiver, oh wait…I am so confused haha!  He came into the league as what can best be considered as a Quarterback/Wide Receiver.  He was drafted by the Raiders, traded to the Seahawks, released, picked up by the Chiefs, released, picked up by the Bengals, released and finally came to grips with the fact that he was made to be an NFL Wide Receiver.  The Cleveland Browns decided they would take a chance on him and picked him up off waivers and after being released he was brought back after Josh McCown got injured.  He would become some what of a swiss army knife for the Browns even playing safety at one point against the Dolphins last season.  He ended up ranked in the top 10 among NFL receivers for the regular season.


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