Bust Out The Brooms Dub Nation!

The 8th seeded Portland Trail Blazers were facing elimination from the playoffs last night as they hosted the Golden State Warriors in their home arena. One would think this would mean a hard fought game from the Trail Blazers trying to stay in it right? WRONG! The game was already over in the first three minutes as by nine minutes left in the first quarter the Warriors were already up 14-0. With a little over 5 minutes left in the first quarter the Warriors were up over 20 points with the score being 28-5.

Despite not playing a minute in the fourth quarter, Stephen Curry had 37 points, 7 rebounds, and 8 assists to lead his team in all categories. The stat that really sticks out for me is that the Warriors shot nearly 60% from behind the three point line as a team…AS A TEAM? I can tell you this right now as I am 100% confident that when the Warriors shoot over 50% from three there is no team in the NBA that can stop them. If you are going to allow them to do that to you, you might as well not show up to the game in the first place.

Just check out the game flow:

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