We all had to see this coming considering the Los Angeles Clippers were playing most of this series without Blake Griffin while the Utah Jazz got Rudy Gobert back in Game 4.  Ironically though, it was not Gobert who really sealed the deal for this game as the Jazz had 7 players in double figures with Rudy Gobert not being one of them.  This is the type of game they are going to have to have if they want to be successful against the Warriors in the next round.  The Clippers have ended their season and there are  a lot of questions as to what the team will look like next season.  Lot’s of players have max contracts coming up and while they can afford to keep most of them, it will be interesting to see which players choose to go somewhere else and which players choose to stay.  The Jazz win this one 104-91 to move on to the next round.

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