Usually when I have had food poisoning in the past, it has never really taken that much of a toll on me after a couple of days.  Gordon Hayward must have had a rough go at it though because he really needed to lean on his teammates once again in this series.  He did his part scoring 27 points but he really needed some help the rest of the Jazz players to get this one.  Even though they only score 96 points the Utah Jazz had 6 players in double figures last night.  The Clippers had just three in double figures.  J.J. Redick had 26 points on 12 shots which was a great game for him but not quite enough to lift the Clippers to victory. The Utah Jazz take this game 96-92. The Clippers cannot lose another game in this series if they want to move on to the next level.  Unfortunately whoever wins this series will have to take on the Golden State Warriors who are currently resting their squad after sweeping the Portland Trailblazers in the first round.

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