Chants of “MVP” could be heard by the end of this game as Kawhi Leonard (The guy from San Diego State who couldn’t make a basket to save his life when he came into the NBA) dropped 32 points against the Grizzlies.  The San Antonio Spurs got their playoff run started off right routing the Memphis Grizzlies 111-82.  Marc Gasol had 32 points but the rest of his squad didn’t show up.

The difference in this game was LaMarcus Aldridge and Tony Parker.  Even though Parker is usually just a role player at this point he really stepped it up this night.  When one of the teams in a game shoots more than 50% from the field and from three point land it’s going to be damn near impossible to overcome that kind of offense.  If this game is any indication, this series will probably be over in less than 6 games.

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