Warriors Destroy Trail Blazers Without Durant in Game 2

The Warriors have officially set the tone for the playoffs this season.  They have crushed the Portland Trail Blazers in game 2 without the help of Kevin Durant.  To top it all off Steph Curry ended up having a pretty dismal night by his standards.  They just proved that the Trail Blazers are playing in a different league.  This is funny to me after Damian Lillard (star of the Portland Trail Blazers) made a crazy prediction saying they would win in six games.  For that to come true at this point (which is still possible) they would have to win out the rest of the games (which probably won’t happen).  Here is part of the box score:

Portland Trailblazers
Player Rebounds Assists Turnovers Points
Lillard 4 0 4 12
Harkless 8 1 1 15
Turner 3 7 4 5
McCollum 5 2 5 11
Vonleh 3 1 1 3
Golden State Warriors
Player Rebounds Assists Turnovers Points
Curry 6 6 4 19
Green 12 10 3 6
Pachulia 4 0 1 10
McCaw 5 1 0 9
Thompson 2 2 6 16

Really, for Golden State, this game was more about the bench than anything else.  25 rebounds, 50 points, 12 assists, and only 3 turnovers came from the bench.  All in all though this game was pretty even in the first half and completely one-sided in the second half.

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